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Cherry Heaven TV

Cherry Heaven TV: Making, Using, and Servicing Electric Kilns.

Cherry Heaven provides on-line educational resources, entertainment, interactive demonstrations, radio programmes, and television programmes.

This page lists the Cherry Heaven TV channels made for Paragon Kilns. To look at one of them, use the appropriate link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

Before you play any of the programmes, click the loudspeaker icon, bottom right in the task bar at the bottom of the screen, and check that the volume isn't muted or low.


Cherry Heaven TV: Making, Using, and Servicing Electric Kilns.

2 The Sentry Xpress: Setting A Ramp-Hold Programme
9 The Sentry Xpress: Setting A Cone-Fire Programme
1 The Paragon SC2: Re-aligning The Door To Ease The Catch
3 The Paragon SC2: Adjusting The Old-Style Door Ball-Catch
4 The Paragon SC2: Changing The Door
5 The Paragon SC2: Replacing The Bead-Style Thermocouple
6 Using Shelf Wash
7 The Paragon SC2: Replacing The Relay
8 The Paragon SC2: Replacing The Transformer
15 The Paragon SC2: Replacing The Muffle
16 The Paragon BlueBird: Replacing The Element
10 Shaping And Assembling Firebricks
11 Making Square Kilns
12 Making Round Kilns
13 Kiln Electrics
14 The Sheet Metal Workshop

Cherry Heaven TV.

The Cherry Heaven TV Player works on any modern computer, notebook, pad, or smartphone in any country and will adopt the current interactive colour scheme. It doesn't install any adware, key loggers, spy software, or viruses, nor does it affect any other programme.

The Cherry Heaven TV Player plays internet-standard MP3 and MP4 formats, with parameters set to achieve a practical balance of audio and video quality set against a likely data-streaming rate.

If your internet connection is capricious, the programme might pause then continue if the data stream can't keep up with the demands of the player.

USB Loudspeakers
USB Loudspeakers

The Cherry Heaven USB Loudspeakers.

If you're using a notebook computer, the audio quality will probably be poor and not loud enough. To remedy this, you need some external loudspeakers:

Zoom In The Cherry Heaven USB Loudspeakers.

The Cherry Heaven USB Loudspeakers don't need batteries, installing, or setting up: they're powered by the computer's USB socket and driven by the stereo-out socket. You can buy them in the on-line shop. However, the photo is of a typical pair of speakers and the ones in stock might not look quite the same.

External loudspeakers will improve your enjoyment of DVD movies, games, MP3 tracks, CD music, net-phone applications, on-line movies, video camera movies, iPlayer programmes, and youtube.

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