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Paragon Fusion 19 Kiln With A Sentry Xpress Programmer For Annealing, Fusing, Sagging, And Slumping Glass. Paragon TNF1613 With A Sentry Programmer For Ceramics, Porcelain, Pottery, Glass, And Raku Paragon Vulcan With A Sentry Programmer For Casting.
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Paragon Xpress Q11 Kiln With A Sentry Xpress Programmer For Ceramics, Glass, Porcelain, And Silver.

Over the years, I've answered lots of questions. Many are from beginners, so here's a selection of FAQs. If you have a question, there's a form at the bottom of this page.


Which Kiln Is Best For A Beginner?

The 1095°C Paragon SC-2 kiln is the most popular for jewellery, enamelling, fusing, and metal clays. Then the 1290°C Xpress Q11 for ceramics, enamelling, fusing, and porcelain. They plug in to a regular mains socket, don't take up much worktop space, and, at about 16kg, are light enough to be put away. They come with pro shelf kits


Is The Programmer Easy To Use?

It's a lot simpler than a central heating programmner. The Sentry Xpress 3-key digital programmer has three buttons: the left-hand button selects the function and the other two increase or decrease the value of the chosen function. It will remember four sequences, so you can re-use any one without having to re-set all the functions.

Kilns come with comprehensive instructions, basic firing guides, and there are on-line videos. Call, if you're not sure?


Running Costs?

We all seem to pay different amounts for electricity. A half-hour firing costs about £0.14 and a two-hour firing about £0.34. Remember that, during a long hold time, the elements are continually switching on and off, so don't use full power all the time. If you fire lots of silver clay pieces on two shelves at one go, each piece costs just a few pennies.


Where Can I Stand It?

Kilns that stand on a worktop usually have a built-in stand on rubber feet. Kilns that stand on the floor come with a table with casters. If you want to put a heavy table-top kiln on a metal table, Paragon make several sizes: quite heavy, so very strong. However, there are often inexpensive oak farmhouse tables at furniture auctions.


Does It Get Hot?

It just gets warm, although the edges of the door will get a bit hotter. Don't leave anything on the top of the kiln and don't stand it next to fabric or plastic. The SC2 has rubber feet so, if it got too hot, they'd melt.

If you use it in a garage, check that you haven't got petrol fumes or a lawnmower. Also, condensation might affect the electronic programmer.


Does It Need Ventilation?

Most popular materials don't give off toxic fumes. Howewever, cork clay, wood clay, and some glasses might: so open a window. Don't use the kiln in a small cupboard.


Does It Need Cleaning?

Don't let it get really mucky. When it's cold, clean the outside with damp cloth, not a kitchen cleaner spray. Clean the inside with a soft brush: wear a HEPA dust mask. Or use the cup-brush on a vacuum cleaner, but be careful not to knock and chip the interior ceramic.


Is It Noisy?

When a kiln reaches its target temperature, the relay, an electro-mechanical switch, will turn the elements on and off to hold the temperature so you'll hear the relay clicking.


The Door Catch.

In the US, all the SC series kilns have a door ball-catch and a plastic door-knob. However, the catch is often too loose or too tight, particularly when the kiln gets hot and the metal expands. It's easy to disturb your work whilst pushing the door catch closed or pulling it open, as you often need a free hand to hold the hot kiln steady. Although it can be adjusted, it's not ideal, so all the SC series kilns sold by Cherry Heaven have an improved lever catch. The lever has a much easier cleaner action, and is simple to adjust.


A Bead Door Or A Window?

Most people want a kiln for the material or process that's enthused them, such as annealing beads, casting, firing ceramics, crucible work, enamelling, fusing glass, heat treating, knife making, lampwork, pottery, vitrigraph, or silver clays.

After a few successes, and a few failures, many experiment with other materials, make larger pieces, try combinations, fire more at a time, and become interested in everything else. Some start a business, run classes, or open a shop. So plan ahead.

Although you can open the door a crack to check on glass fusing or enamels, a glass viewing-window is easier although you should wear glare-resistant glasses. Some people use the bead-anealing door to look through.


How Many Shelves?

Always use the recommended shelf in the bottom of the kiln in case you melt or spill anything. The SC2 will hold two stacking shelf kits, so it's a good idea to buy one or two extra.

You can fit quite a few pieces on one shelf. You can buy more shelf kits so you can stack up shelves with spacers in between which allows the air to circulate and help keep an even temperature. Glass work prefers radiant heat so it's better not to stack up shelves.


Firing Things?

Most materials come with firing instructions, although nothing beats experiment. Silver will melt at 962°C but will begin to distort at about 910°C.

Some gemstones can be fired in PMC Silver, Art Clay Silver, and other metal clays. If you're firing stones into your piece, you will need a lower temperature and slow ramp-up. There's no short cut to experimenting.

Paragon Firebricks. Paragon Refractory Bricks. Paragon Firebricks. Paragon Firebrick Notched Joint.

Firebricks In Paragon Kilns, Furnaces, And Ovens For Annealing, Beads, Ceramics, Enamels, Glass, Jewellery, Knife Making, Lost Wax, Silver Clays, Heat Treating, Lampwork, Porcelain, And Vitrigraph.

Fireplace, forge, and furnace bricks are very hard, tough, and solid. Often, they're not cemented together so, if you have a conventional fireplace at home, remove a brick and you'll notice a few hair line cracks and missing corners, chips, and flakes. Some might have cracked in half, but they still function. To retain heat, the bricks are dense and heavy.

A kiln made using these would be very heavy and need a much larger and stronger metal frame and case. They're hard to cut, so making joints and element grooves, and using element pins, would be almost impossible. The kiln would be more expensive to make and transport and, once in your studio, would be hard to move: try lifting your night-storage heater. And a 500mm square kiln lid made from 24 bricks would probably collapse.

Kiln bricks look like fine sponge. They're light, fragile, and are made to insulate, not store heat. They heat and cool quickly so that the programmer can control the temperature. They can be cut, drilled, and made with joints and element grooves.

Unlike a fireplace, forge, or furnace, kilns are usually used for ramp-hold firings with multiple segments, so are continually cycling through heating and cooling. As the temperature changes, the bricks expand and contract and soon develop fine cracks. If the interior of a kiln expands by about 3mm per 500mm, then contracts, then expands, something has to give.

Even assembly stresses or small changes in temperature can cause fine cracks during manufacture, factory testing, shipping, or first use. These are normal and won't affect the functionality. And the kiln won't fall apart because the bricks are held together within a metal frame. Replacing a whole set of bricks is pointless: the new set will probably develop a tiny crack fairly soon. To quote Paragon: hairline cracks can appear at any time, even in a new kiln.

We had a Paragon E12 in the studio for years. The first hairline crack appeared on day three and we ended up with about six, although it worked perfectly. We do have kiln-repair cement if a piece breaks away but you can't squeeze it into a hairline crack. Brushing it on might be a minimal cosmetic improvement but such a thin layer won't repair the brick.

Most kilns use Kanthal A1 element wire. However, for continual high-temperature high-precision professional use, some use Kanthal APM. Kanthal APM has slow ageing and a low change in resistance over time. It has excellent surface oxide properties, which gives good protection in corrosive atmospheres as well as in atmospheres with high carbon potential, and no scaling.


Repairs And Parts.

For help, or in the unlikely event of a fault, you can mail or call an engineer in the UK. However, home checks, adjustments, and repairs are quick and easy, needing little more than a PosiDriv screwdriver, and you can watch on-line videos. Alternatively, we can repair the kiln in our workshop at Cherry Heaven.

As a distributor, we normally have parts.


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